Benedict XVI's interviews while flying: the German edition

consegna volume

(14/4/17) In order to celebrate the 90th birthday of the emeritus Pope, the book Sopra le nuvole con Benedetto XVI (Over the clouds with Benedict XVI), the German edition of Sull’aereo di Papa Benedetto. Conversazioni con i giornalisti (On a flight with Pope Benedict. Conversations with reporters) - published by the Vatican Publishing House in 2013 - comes out. The volume is about the conversations Benedict had with the reporters during the papal flights to several countries of the world, from the first to Cologne for the 20th World Youth Day in August 2005, to the last to Lebanon in September 2012. The editor of the book is the Vatican reporter Angela Ambrogetti, editorial director of AciStampa.

Readers will have the possibility to travel again with Benedict XVI. The full texts of the interviews are published: they make readers understand the thought of the theologian and the Pope and know his deep humanity.

The preface was made by the archbishop Georg Gänswein, private secretary of the emeritus Pope, to whom some copies of the book have been delivered recently.