Pope Benedict XVI made 24 apostolic voyages: from his first to Cologne for the 20th World Youth Day in August 2005 to his last to Lebanon in September 2012.

Benedict XVI visited every continent with trips to places such as Turkey, Brazil, United States, Sydney, Cameroon and Angola, Jordan, Benin, Mexico and Cuba, together with other voyages in Europe: Poland, Spain, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Croatia and his homeland, Germany.

In the Holy Land where, from Mount Nebo, he was looking over that blessed land that comprises Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous territories, he reminded the people from each of the religions and each of the countries about the importance of seeking God. His words are still true for people today, especially those who consider themselves believers: “Moses contemplated the Promise Land from afar at the end of his pilgrimage on the earth”. His example – Benedict XVI added – reminds us that we are part of the endless pilgrimage of the People of God through history. As in the footsteps of the Prophets, the Apostles and the Saints we are invited to live in the name of God, to share his mission and to bear witness to the Gospel and to the universal love and mercy of God”.