The catechesis, held by Pope Benedict XVI every Wednesday in St. Peter’s Square or in the Paul VI Audience Hall, served as a brief but important educational opportunity for thousands of followers because it combined scientific accuracy with a terminologically precise, yet accessible and clear, language. In this way, during the years in which he performed these catecheses, Benedict XVI informed his believers about the rich and varied history of the Church: the Apostles, the first Disciples, the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church, the Apostle Paul, and some other little-known figures such as the female figures that shaped the Church and made it attractive to the public during its first two millenniums. It is due to its authenticity that this catechesis is sought after by editors from all over the world and translated into all foreign languages.



“The word of God reveals the right life paths and the secret of sanctity to mankind”. The collection of Pope Benedict XVI’s spiritual thoughts derived from this statement and from the words of Saint Gerolamo; “ignorance of the Holy Scriptures is ignorance of Christ”. The spiritual thoughts are based on homilies, Angelus and catecheses made by the Pope every Wednesday and they have their roots in the following consideration of Benedict XVI: “it is necessary to create a new generation of Apostles that trusts in the word of God, that is able to answer to the challenges of our time and is ready to spread the Gospel all over the world.” Lots of themes are presented: family, priesthood, Eucharist, Christmas, illness, young people, interreligious dialogue, the environment, women, faith, the Second Vatican Council, together with spiritual and Marian thoughts, and thoughts about the Saints and the word of God.

It is a small collection written in simple language that aims to help people to search for God and live a life that follows his example.