Thank you so much! In front of God, help us


(27/5/2015) The first person to sustain the Foundation dedicated to Benedict XVI with a great donation, was a woman. Now she is the one who takes care of our work and intercedes in front of God with all her strength. Today we received the news from France that Mrs Geneviève Duhamel – Pellottier died in Paris on 14th May. She had a very determined and lively character. She wanted to deliver her donation personally and she came to Rome with her dear friend immediately after she knew the Vatican Foundation had been established. She was the first one who said to Pope Benedict, as women are able to do, “Here I am, I am with you and I will help you!”. She didn’t care about gossip regarding the Vatican and the Pope. She prayed, helped the Foundation, asked about its activities and also wanted to mention the Foundation in her last will and testament. The day before she died, she received the book “Benedetto XVI servo di Dio e degli uomini” and shared the comments with her friend, who told us about it.