Ratinzger Society in Brasilia


(4/5/17) The 55th General Assembly of the National conference of Brazilian bishops founded the Ratzinger Society of Brazil, whose aims are to translate and spread the Opera Omnia ofJoseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI, to foster the study of his work and his thought, to organize congresses, workshops, courses and recurrent regional, national and international meetings, to write interdisciplinary works with other theological institutions, to publish scientific and popular works about Joseph Ratzinger’s theology and the papal magisterium of Pope Benedict XVI.

The venue of the Society is Brasilia. The executive board is made of cardinals Odilo Scherer, Raymundo Damasceno and Orani Tempesta, the archbishops Jaime Spengler and Murilo Sebastião Krieger and the bishop Pedro Carlos Cipollini. President of the Scientific Committee was elected cardinal Sergio da Rocha, archbishop of Brasilia and president of the Episcopal Conference. The secretary is Msgr. Luiz Catelan Ferreira.