Theologian Marianne Schlosser and Architect Mario Botta will receive Ratzinger Prize 2018

(20/9/18) The German theologian Marianne Schlosser and the Swiss architect Mario Botta are the winners of the 2018 edition of Ratzinger Prize. The awarding ceremony will be held on 17th November in the Vatican City. Their names were announced in the morning during a press release at the Press Room of the Holy See.

The winners will be awarded on 17th November, the day after the end of the 8th International Symposium organized in Rome by the Foundation, together with LUMSA University (15th – 16th November). The topic of the Symposium will be: “Fundamental rights and conflicts among rights”.

Moreover, on 24th September the awarding ceremony of the Second edition of the Prize “Razón abierta” will be held at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in the Vatican City. The ceremony was organized in partnership with Francisco de Vitoria University of Madrid and it is dedicated to a fundamental issue of Ratzinger’s thought, that was the need to keep the mind open to reason, to look for the truth and to answer the fundamental questions about the humankind.

Marianne Schlosser
Mario Botta