concistoro 1977


(27/6/17) On 27th June 1977, 40 years ago, Paul VI nominated cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who was archbishop of Munich and Freising for a couple of months.

During his speech, the Pope had said: “Let us attest to this fidelity also to you, Cardinal Ratzinger, whose high theological magisterium in prestigious university teaching posts in your native Germany and in numerous, valid publications, has shown how theological research - on the proven path of «fides quaerens intellectum» - can not and must never be separated from the profound, free, and creative adherence to the Magisterium, which authentically interprets and proclaims the Word of God; and now, from the Archbishopric See of Munich and Frisinga, May you guide us with our trust in the paths of truth and peace".

The news of the election of Ratzinger as archbishop of Munich and Freising was public on 25th March 1977. The next 28th May he received episcopal ordination in the cathedral of Munich. On 25th November 1981 he was nominated prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by John Paul II.