Open doors at the Fundation


(27/7/16) Renovations at the new seat of the Fundation have been completed. A lot of friends, journalists and students have already knocked at the door and have begun to "feel at home". A simple, fair and decorous place, it is full of life in order to be men and women giving their lives to our time and to our society. Men and women are aware of the fact that they have to "draw from the uncontaminated source of the divine love that wisdom of heart which purges us from the scum of falsehood and selfishness" as Pope Benedict said during an Angelus in 2009, in order to be bearer of joy and future, hope and peace among brothers and sisters.
The invitation to visit the Contact Page and to watch the pictures of the new rooms is a way to be together and free ourselves from falsehood and selfishness.
The professors Gianmario Fogliazza and  Marco Paolino, and the journalists Angela Ambrogetti and Andrea Gagliarducci have recently been to the new seat.

Look at the pictures of the first seat of the Foundation