100 students of the Master’s degree course on Ratzinger


(18/2/16) There are 100 students in the Master’s degree course entitled: “Joseph Ratzinger. Studies and spirituality”, organized by the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation and the Augustinian Patristic Institute of Rome. Students come from several countries of the world: 43 of them will attend the lessons in English language and 57 in Italian. The first lesson of the foreign students was on Monday 15th, the Italian students started on Tuesday 16th. Professor Ralph Weimann and the Augustinian father Mauricio Saavedra - tutors of the Master - welcomed students, who also visited Ratzinger’s Library at the Teutonic Cemetery of the Vatican City. The Italian students attended a lesson on Exegesis and Theology by Professor Carlo Dell’Osso. Four female students will attend the Master’s degree course in Italian language, while two women will attend the course in English, as the followers reported on Facebook.