Presbiteri a gloria della Trinità


(8/6/15) The book Presbiteri a gloria della Trinità – Elementi per una corretta ermeneutica della continuità sacerdotale was published a few days ago by the publishing company Aracne. It was written by a young theologian, father Giovanni Parise, and it is considered as a “study in Benedict’s honour”.

It follows the volume XII of the Opera Omnia of Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI, entirely dedicated to priesthood. The main aim of the book is to stress that priests have to live as “affectionate disciples and passionate missionaries.” It also shows “how important is to place the topic of catholic priesthood in the context of the hermeneutics of continuity”, as Giovanni Parise explained in the introduction. He also said that “this book can’t be defined as a complete work and it is not aimed at it”. As the archbishop Luigi Negri wrote in the afterword “it gives an authentic experience of the relationship with Christ”. The book is introduced by a preface, written by the archbishop Agostino Marchetto, that we propose in the “Presentations” of the website.