Mons. Gänswein presents the book dedicated to Benedict XVI at the Teutonic College

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21ST December 2015, Marco Mancini gives a copy of his book to the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, in the Vatican Gardens.

(15/1/16) Msgr. Georg Gänswein, prefect of the Pontifical Household and private secretary of the Pope Emeritus will introduce the book Benedetto XVI – Un Papa totale, written by the Vatican reporter Marco Mancini and dedicated to Benedict’s pontificate. It will be held on Friday, 5th February, at 5,00 p.m, at the Pontifical Teutonic College in the Vatican City. It is the first of a series of events supported by the Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation that will be held in the same place where the Library, inaugurated in November 2015 and dedicated to the thoughts and the works of the Pope Emeritus, is placed. The archbishop Gänswein will attend together with Angela Ambrogetti, reporter and managing editor of Acistampa, a Catholic press agency.

Published by Tau, the book has 14 chapters and it is about the most important aspects of the pontificate. “This book offers a retrospective view of Benedict's pontificate and describes him as a strong Pastor” wrote cardinal Tarcisio Bertone in the preface of the book. “From the beginning Benedict XVI focused on the situation in Europe due to secularization and the forgetfulness of its Christian roots. (…) The aims of his teachings have always been to explain and confirm the intelligibility of the faith and to show that Christianity has to be recognized as the triumph of knowledge and truth” said cardinal Bertone. He also added that:“A strong point of his pontificate was that he wanted to purify the Church from dirtiness and make it more unified, holy and pure”.

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