Letter from Benedict XVI to the Study Centre of Bydgoszcz

lettera bxvi centro studi

“Dear friends,

I know that cardinal Bertone, who has been my Secretary of State, will visit you in the week from 2nd to 10th April in order to discuss the continuity and the development of pastoral activities about my pontificate and the pontificate of Pope Francis.

I will take advantage of the occasion to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great job you did to make my works and my theological thought known in Poland. You know I have never wanted to develop my own theology, I have always tried to serve the faith of the Church and its understanding in our time. I also hope that you will give life to the faith in our time and contribute to its good outcome”.

From the bottom of my heart I give you my Blessing at Easter time.

In the name of God, yours sincerely Benedict XVI”.

This is the text of the letter the emeritus Pope sent to the Study Centre of Bydgoszcz in Poland on 31st March 2016 for the International Conference “The Christian idea of Europe and Poland in the perspective of the teachings of cardinal Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI”, that was held last month.