Kateri, canonized by Benedict XVI. The film receives a prize

Messa in Piazza San Pietro per la proclamazione di 7 nuovi Santi

(24/6/16) An American film dedicated to Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Red Indian saint of America canonized by Benedict XVI in 2012, received the special Award from the Capax Dei Foundation during the 7th edition of Mirabile Dictu, International Catholic Film Festival. It was held in Rome from 20th to 23rd June. This event was planned by the director and film producer Liana Marabini and it is made for directors and producers of films, documentaries, docu-fiction, TV series, short films and TV programmes promoting universal moral values and positive examples. The film by James Kelty is about the life of the saint, who lived between 1656 and 1680, the title is Kateri and it was produced by the Catholic network EWTN and by Kelty himself.