“Queridos seminaristas” the book collecting the vocational teachings of Benedict XVI

queridos seminaristas

(15/3/16) The vocational teachings of Benedict XVI are collected in the book Queridos seminaristas. Magisterio vocacional de Benedicto XVI, edited by Jorge Juan Fernández y published by Nueva Patris. The book is a real compendium on vocation, reporting what Benedict XVI said to priests, seminarians, religious men and women for the first time. An essay on vocation and a good tool to the people looking for the meaning of their lives.

There is a moment, when we are young, when each of us wonders: what meaning does my life have? What purpose and direction should I give to it? This is a very important moment, and it can worry us, perhaps for some time. We start wondering about the kind of work we should take up, the kind of relationships we should establish, the friendships we should cultivate...” said Benedict XVI in his Message for the XXVI World Youth Day.  

“God keeps on saying that young boys and girls of the 21th century should leave it all behind and commit themselves to the cause of the Gospel” – the book says – Jesus Christ is in great need of families in order to show human love and dignity and the loveliness of family life. He needs men and women who dedicate their lives to the noble task of educating. He needs people looking for the perfect charity, who follow His example of chastity, poverty, obedience and serve Him with brothers and sisters. Jesus Christ needs the great love of religious contemplative life, supporting the testimony and work of the Church, and priests, holy and good priests, who are ready to give their lives to the “lost sheeps”.