Ratzinger’s Christological works in the book 6/2 of the Opera Omnia

prof. Ratzinger

(9/10/15) The fourth volume in Italian language of the Opera Omnia of Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI, published by the Vatican Publishing House, will be presented on 21st November, at10,30 a.m. It is the second tome of the 6th volume, that collects his Christological works and presents his considerations on Jesus Christ, the Lord. “The book 6/2 collects the works Joseph Ratzinger dedicated to the main topics of Christology and to the great mystery of Jesus Christ in almost fifty years – Prof. Pierluca Azzaro, editor and translator of the book, explained -. These texts refer to various literary genres, from the entries corresponding to different language registers, to the texts published by the mass media. The noble theologian gives simple but very deep answers to the questions his believers ask every day and his time, with which he has a constant relationship: what about the risen Christ? What does the Holy Year mean? And how people in the earth hold out their arms to the beloved ones in the afterlife? What does ‘conscientious objection’ mean? Could politics follow the truth or is it only fundamentalism?”. The lecture on this book will be by Prof. Nello Cipriani OSA.

The list of the publications of the Opera Omnia in various languages is on the dedicated page of the website.