Pope Francis visits the Synagogue of Rome, six years after Benedict XVI


(16/1/16) “It is so beautiful that brothers and sisters live together”. On Sunday 17th January 2010 Benedict XVI used the words of Psalm 133 to introduce his speech in the Synagogue of Rome, during the visit to the Hebrew Community of the Capital, almost 24 years after the historical visit of John Paul II (13th April 1986).

The day before the papal visit to the Synagogue, that will be held tomorrow (17th January), we offer the speech Pope Benedict XVI gave in the same occasion, along with the words he said during his visit to the concentration camp of Auschwitz, on 28th May 2006, in order to understand the relationship between Catholics and Hebrew.

Read the speech of Benedict XVI on 17th January 2010

Read the speech of Benedict XVI on 28th May 2006