Pope Francis paid homage to Benedict XVI


(19/2/16) Pope Francis attended a press conference yesterday, on his flight from Ciudad Juarez to Rome, at the end of his apostolic journey to Mexico. While he was answering a question, he commented on paedophilia and Fr Maciel’s case and he “honoured the man who fought in moments when he had no strength to impose himself, until he managed to impose himself: Ratzinger. Cardinal Ratzinger deserves an applause. He had all the documents – the Pope added –. As the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith he had everything in his hands. He did all the investigations, and went on, went on, went on, until he couldn’t go any further in the execution of the case”. “But, if you remember, 10 days before the death of St. John Paul II, in that Via Crucis of Holy Friday, he said to the whole Church that it needed to clean up the dirt of the Church. And in the Pro-Eligendo Pontifice Mass, despite knowing that he was a candidate, he wasn’t stupid, he didn’t care to “make-up” his answer, he said exactly the same thing. He was the brave one who helped so many people open this door. So, I want to remember him because sometimes we forget about this hidden work that “took the lid off the pot”.