From the USA to Rome “on the footsteps of Ratzinger”


(11/7/16) People from across the Atlantic visited the new seat of the Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation. In fact, a group of pilgrims travelling from the United States to Europe “on the footsteps of Joseph Ratzinger” have been recently welcomed. After the stop in Rome and the Vatican, they went to Bavaria, to the birthplaces of Ratzinger and other German towns in which he taught and lived. The group – of which Sharlene Lim di Manila and her dog Morgan were part – was guided by the American journalist Robert Moynihan, director of the weekly Inside the Vatican and author of more than twenty interviews to cardinal Ratzinger in 1980s and 1990s.
For the 65th anniversary of the priestly ordination of the emeritus Pope, the editors of the commemorative volume “Teaching and learning the love of God” – collecting homilies on priesthood by Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI published in five languages – arrived in Rome: father Carlos Granados, head of the Spanish Publishing House Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos, the editors of the French Parole et Silence Marc and Sabine Larivé together with the abbot Jean Scarcella, the representatives of the Polish publishing house KUL (Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski), the Cantagalli family, the representative of the German Herder along with Christian Schaller, who received Ratzinger Prize in 2013.
Other people who visited the new seat are: father Stephan Horn, president of the Group of Ratzinger’s ex-students and member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, father Carmine Arice, head of the National Office for Pastoral Care of Health of the Italian Episcopal Conference, father Giuseppe Merola, from the editorial office of the Vatican Publishing House, the reporters Carlo di Cicco, Mercedes de La Torre, Anselmo Terminelli.