The first semester of the Master’s degree course has come to the end


(25/5/16) The first part of the Master’s degree course entitled: “Joseph Ratzinger. Studies and spirituality” - organised by the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation and the Augustinian Patristic Institute of Rome - has come to the end. The 100 students attend the lessons in two different rooms, one in Italian and the other in English language.

Among the teachers of the course there are the cardinals Kurt Koch and Robert Sarah, Msgr. Markus Graulich, Msgr. Florian Kolfhaus and Msgr. Marco Agostini, father Philipp Renczes, father Nicola Bux, father Carlo Dell’Osso, father Ralph Weimann, father Mauro Gagliardi and Christian Schaller, who received Ratzinger’s Prize. Lessons will start again in October, with the following four modules of the second semester.

sarah_weimannCard. Robert Sarah with prof. Ralph Weimann